What is war3FT?

For The Menu - say /war3menu

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What is war3FT?

Post by Belcross » Sun Oct 19, 2008 2:01 am

What is war3ft?

Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne (war3ft) is an AMX MOD X plugin developed for Counter-Strike, Condition Zero, and Day of Defeat. It features 8 races (with a 9th that allows server operators to choose custom skills) and 2 shopmenus to extend normal play.
How to Play

When you enter a server running war3ft, you will be presented with a race selection screen. Simply choose a race and you can start playing! But you might want to bind some keys to get the full experience.
Binding Keys and Client Commands

To bind a key simply press the ` key on your keyboard to bring up the console and type "bind <key> <cmd>" depending on what key/command you would like. For example, here are my favorites for binding the shopmenus, ultimate, and ability commands:

* bind "-" "shopmenu"
* bind "=" shopmenu2
* bind "mouse3" "ultimate"
* bind "alt" "ability"

You can then use the - and = keys to show the 2 different shopmenus, you can use the 3rd mouse button (on the clickwheel) to use your ultimate and you can press the alt key to trigger your ability.

Shopmenu Console Commands:

* ankh
* amulet
* boots
* claws
* cloak
* chameleon
* frost
* gloves
* health
* helm
* mask
* mole
* necklace
* rings
* socks
* scroll
* tome

Other Console Commands:

* ability
* changerace
* itemsinfo
* itemsinfo2
* level
* levitation
* resetskills
* resetxp
* selectskill
* shopmenu
* shopmenu2
* skillsinfo
* ultimate
* war3help
* war3menu

Say Commands

There are also a multitude of commands you can type into chat: (slash is not required)

* /ability - Will use your ability (currently only serpent wards)
* /changerace - Allows you to change your race
* /itemsinfo - Shows you a list of items and what they do
* /itemsinfo2 - Shows you a list of items in the second shopmenu
* /level - Shows you what race, level and skills you have
* /levitation - Enable or disables the low gravity ability (version 3.x only)
* /ms or /movespeed - Shows your current movespeed (version 3.x only)
* /playerskills - Shows you what skills other players have chosen
* /selectskill - Allows you to select skills for your race
* /shopmenu - Displays shopmenu 1
* /shopmenu2 - Displays shopmenu 2
* /skillsinfo - Shows you what each skill does for the race you have selected
* /war3help - Displays the help menu
* /war3menu - Show the war3ft menu, in which you can choose all this and more

Race/Skill Information
Undead Scourge

* Vampiric Aura: Gives you a percentage of the damage you do in attack back as health
* Unholy Aura: Gives you a speed boost, also all weapons make you go at the same speed
* Levitation: Allows you to jump higher by reducing your gravity
* Ultimate, Suicide Bomber: When you die you will explode killing nearby enemies and regenerate

Human Alliance

* Invisibility: Makes you partially invisible, you will be harder to see, holding knife will make them more invisible
* Devotion Aura: Gives you additional health at the start of the round.
* Bash: When you shoot someone you have a chance of rendering them immobile for 1 second
* Ultimate, Teleport: Allows you to teleport to where you aim

Orcish Horde

* Critical Strike: Gives you a chance of doing more damage
* Critical Grenade: Grenades will ALWAYS do a much greater amount of damage
* Reincarnation (Day of Defeat): Gives you a chance of spawning where you died
* Equipment Reincarnation (Counter-Strike/Condition Zero): Gives you a chance of regaining your equipment on death
* Ultimate, Chain Lightning: Discharges a bolt of lightning that jumps to all nearby enemies

Night Elf of Kalimdore

* Evasion: Gives you a chance of evading each shot
* Thorns Aura: Does mirror damage to the person who shot you
* Trueshot Aura: Does extra damage to the enemy
* Ultimate, Entangle Roots: Allows you to prevent an enemy player from moving for 10 seconds

Blood Mage

* Pheonix (Day of Defeat): You will gain a bonus ($300, $600, $900) with each kill, half of this is also awarded to nearby teammates
* Pheonix (Counter-Strike/Condition Zero): You have a chance of reviving the fist teammate who dies
* Banish: You have a chance of banishing your enemy into another plane of existance (they get teleported away for 1 second)
* Siphon Mana: Steal money from enemy
* Ultimate, Flame Strike: Burn an enemy player over time

Shadow Hunter

* Healing Wave: Heals yourself and your nearby teammates
* Hex: You have a chance of slowing your enemy and disabling all skills for a short period of time
* Serpent Ward: You receive serpent wards each round that damage nearby enemy units, bind a key to ability (or say ability) to plant one
* Ultimate, Bid Bad Voodoo: Invincibility for 3 seconds


* Fan of Knives: You have a chance of becoming a mole
* Blink: Disables enemy ultimates (all at level 3)
* Shadow Strike: You have a chance of hurling a poisoned dagger at the enemy
* Ultimate, Vengeance: Respawn once with 50 health

Crypt Lord

* Impale: Distorts the enemy (a chance to shake your enemy's screen for a bit)
* Spiked Carapace: Does mirror damage to the person who shot you, you also gain armor
* Carrion Beetles: You have a chance of beetles attacking the enemy
* Ultimate, Locust Swarm: A Swarm of Locusts attacks the enemy


This race is configurable by the server administrator. Either it will have random skills on each round, or it will have set skills every round.
Item Information

Note: some things are configurable by server

Shopmenu 1

1. Ankh of Reincarnation: If you die you will retrieve your equipment the following round
2. Boots of Speed: Allows you to run faster
3. Claws of Attack +6: An additional 6 hp will be removed from the enemy on every hit
4. Cloak of Shadows: Makes you partially invisible, invisibility is increased when holding the knife
5. Mask of Death: You will receive health for every hit on the enemy
6. Necklace of Immunity: You will be immune enemy ultimates
7. Orb of Frost: Slows your enemy down when you hit him
8. Periapt of Health: Receive extra health
9. Tome of Experience: Automatically gain experience, the item is used on purchase

Shopmenu 2

1. Scroll of Respawning: You will respawn after death
2. Mole Protectant: You will be immune to attacks done by a mole
3. Amulet of the Cat: You cannot be heard when running/going up ladders
4. Sock of the Feather: You will be given low gravity
5. Helm of Excellence: Immune to headshots
6. Flaming Gloves of Warmth: Given a nade every 10 seconds
7. Ring of Regeneration: Gives 1 health every 2 seconds, you can have a maximum of 5 (type rings to receive 5)
8. Chameleon: Your skin will change so you look like the enemy
9. Mole: Teleported to enemy spawn at the start of the next round and your skin is changed to look like the enemy
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Re: What is war3FT?

Post by Catalyst » Mon Oct 20, 2008 7:58 pm

Is there a way to see exact percents for skills/items?

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Re: What is war3FT?

Post by Near » Mon Oct 20, 2008 8:26 pm

Catalyst wrote:Is there a way to see exact percents for skills/items?
I believe in the older versions there was, if I'm not mistaken, there were percents on the skills table/info, but it doesn't seem to be of use in the newest version of their Warcraft3 mod. It would be nice to see, I agree. I constantly hear questions of 'what is the chance: of weapon reincarnation, warden mole, critical shot, etc' and 'how strong are orc nades now' or 'can cloak stack with human invisibility?' If there was a way to update info with new items purchases as well, that'd be neat.

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Re: What is war3FT?

Post by donutdipset » Tue Oct 21, 2008 12:33 am

should post that in the suggestion booth. ;)

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Re: What is war3FT?

Post by wiRed » Sat Oct 25, 2008 5:25 pm

This is still my favorite mod ever.
been playing for 6 years, and i can't get away from this. :)
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Re: What is war3FT?

Post by TSLOW » Thu Apr 23, 2009 8:45 pm

great server but im banned from it.. hope i get unbanned. sundays the lucky day!!! lol

i love this server!!

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Re: What is war3FT?

Post by heavensbounty » Sat Feb 12, 2011 2:04 am

forgot how fun this server was !

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Re: What is war3FT?

Post by MRKITTLES » Sat Oct 17, 2015 1:15 am

this blows 1.6 out of the water! i love this mod!
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