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Wc3FT v5.0 Races:

1. Undead Scorge
2. Human Alliance
3. Orcish Horde
4. Night Elves of kalimdor
5. Draenei Allience
6. Wargen Horde
7. Blood Elves
8. Trolls of Azeroth

Wc3FT v5.0 Heros:

1. Bloodmage
2. Shadow Hunter
3. Warden
4. Crypt Lord
5. Warlock
6. Priest
7. Death knight
8. Druid

Shopmenu 1

1. Ankh of Reincarnation: If you die you will retrieve your equipment the following round.
2. Boots of Speed: Allows you to run faster
3. Claws of Attack +10: An additional 10 hp will be removed from the enemy on every attack.
4. Cloak of Shadows: Makes you partially invisible, invisibility is increased when holding the knife.
5. Mask of Death: You will receive health for every hit on the enemy.
6. Necklace of Immunity: You will be immune to enemy ultimates.
7. Orb of Frost: Slows your enemy down when you hit him.
8. Periapt of Health: Receive extra health
9. Tome of Experience: Automatically gain experience, the item is used on purchase.

Shopmenu 2

1. Scroll of Respawning: You will respawn after death.
2. Mole Protectant: Deflects some damage done by a mole.
3. Amulet of the Cat: You cannot be heard when running/going up ladders.
4. Sock of the Feather: You will be able to jump higher.
5. Helm of Excellence: Immune to headshots
6. Flaming Gloves of Warmth: Given a high explosive nade every 10 seconds.
7. Ring of Regeneration +1 Gives 1 health every 2 seconds, you can have a maximum of 5 (type rings to receive 5)
8. Chameleon: You look like the enemy.
9. Mole: Teleported to enemy spawn at the start of the next round and your skin is changed to look like the enemy.

Shopmenu 3

1. Frost Armor: You will damage your attackers with 3 HP and 2 AR everytime he hits you.
2. Grenade Protection: You will be immune to explosion grenades.
3. Mirror Shield: You will reflect a part of the damage done to you.
4. Ultimate Accelerator: You will be able to use your ultimate immediately.
5. Deaths Touch: You will kill with one shot.
6. Healing Potion: Your health will be full.
7. Aghanims Sceptor: Your ultimate will be 2 times more efficient.
8. Scanner of Invisibility: You will be able to see all invisible enemies.
9. Steel Skin: You will gain an Armor bonus

Shopmenu 4

1. Assasin Aura: You will gain + 50 $ on each successfull hit.
2. Snake Eater: you will be immune to serpent wards.
3. Scroll of Town Portal: You will teleport back to base.
4. Omniscience: You will be able to see how much damage you done.
5. Infinity: You will have infinite bullets.
6. Flame Thrower: You will burn all nearby enemies.
7. Skull Collector: You will gain 35 + HP on each headshot and magic kill.
8. Deaths Book: You will be able to revive a dead teammate.
9. spikes Skin: You will be able to walk on walls. (when you have the item and near a wall press e + w and look up)

Race/Skill Information

Undead Scourge
Vampiric Aura: Gives you a percentage of the damage you do in attack back as health
Unholy Aura: Gives you a speed boost, also all weapons make you go at the same speed
Levitation: Allows you to jump higher by reducing your gravity
Ultimate, Suicide Bomber: When you die you will explode killing nearby enemies and regenerate

Human Alliance
Invisibility: Makes you partially invisible, you will be harder to see, holding knife will make them more invisible
Devotion Aura: Gives you additional health at the start of the round.
Bash: When you shoot someone you have a chance of rendering them immobile for 1 second
Ultimate, Teleport: Allows you to teleport to where you aim

Orcish Horde
Critical Strike: Gives you a chance of doing more damage
Critical Grenade: Grenades will ALWAYS do a much greater amount of damage
Ultimate, Chain Lightning: Discharges a bolt of lightning that jumps to all nearby enemies

Night Elf of Kalimdore
Evasion: Gives you a chance of evading each shot
Thorns Aura: Does mirror damage to the person who shot you
Trueshot Aura: Does extra damage to the enemy
Ultimate, Entangle Roots: Allows you to prevent an enemy player from moving for 10 seconds

Blood Mage
Banish: You have a chance of banishing your enemy into another plane of existance (they get teleported away for 1 second)
Siphon Mana: Steal money from enemy
Ultimate, Flame Strike: Burn an enemy player over time
Passive: Resistant skin: You will deflect a percentage of normal damage done to you

Shadow Hunter
Healing Wave: Heals yourself and your nearby teammates
Hex: You have a chance of slowing your enemy and disabling all skills for a short period of time
Serpent Ward: You receive serpent wards each round that damage nearby enemys, bind a key to ability (or say ability) to plant one
Ultimate, Bid Bad Voodoo: Invincibility for 3 seconds
Passive: Unstable Concoction: When attacked, you will have a chance doing damage to the attacker and his nearby teamates.

Fan of Knives: You have a chance of becoming a mole
Blink: Disables enemy ultimates (all at level 3)
Shadow Strike: You have a chance of hurling a poisoned dagger at the enemy
Ultimate, Vengeance: Respawn once with 50 health
Passive: Hardened Skin: You will deflect some of the magical damage done to you

Crypt Lord
Impale: Distorts the enemy (a chance to shake your enemy's screen for a bit)
Spiked Carapace: Does mirror damage to the person who shot you, you also gain armor
Carrion Beetles: You have a chance of beetles attacking the enemy
Ultimate, Locust Swarm: A Swarm of Locusts attacks the enemy
Passive: Orb of Annihilation: You have a chance of doing additional damage per attack

Trolls of Azeroth
berserking: you have a chance to get a grenade pack when you kill someone
Regeneration: you will regain health every 10 seconds
Da Voodoo Shuffle: you will shake your victims screen
Ultimate. Stealth Aura: you will be invisible for a few seconds

Death Knight
Raise Deads: When you kill someone you have a chance to revive a teammate
Death Pact: Your attacker will lose health when he attacks you.
Souls Posesion: You will shoot green souls that will stun your enemy
Ultimate:Shadow of Death:You will summon the shadow of death which will damage the victim.
Passive: Conversion: You will convert part of your victim's health into your health

Wicked Water: you have a chance to shoot with wicked water and damage your victim
Death Pact: you have a chance to summon a wind typhoon
Typhoon: when you shoot an enemy, a fire ring will damage all his nearby friends
Ultimate. Insite of Nature: you can move through the walls (20 seconds only)
Passive: Balance of Power: You will have a chance to block an explosion grenade

Blood Elves
Arcane Torent: you will damage all your nearby enemy from presence
Arcane Affinity: you have a chance to block a enemy head shot
Blood Eyes: you will color your enemy with blood
Ultimate. Sleep Aura: you will create a magic aura that will damage enemy when passing

Worgen Horde
Wild Rain: you will gain speed bonus and silent running
Aberration: you will gain health when someone attacks you
Two Forms: you have a chance to spawn in your enemy form
Ultimate. Claws of Blood: you will damage your enemy with your claws

Draenei Allience
Shadow Resistance: you will block a part of damage
heroic Presence: sometimes your damage will be increased
Abundance: you will regenerate your money over time
Ultimate. Gift of Naaru: you and your nearby teammates will gain 45+ health and +50 AR

Spritual Energy: you will attack your enemy with a spiritual energy
Power Words: when you get damage, you will heal all nearby teammates
Healing Light: you will plant a healing light of god
Ultimate. Mind Control: you will transfer your enemy to your team
Passive: Souls of Heaven: You have a chance to receive extra experience after you kill someone

Soul Chards: after you kill someone you gain extra health from his soul
magic Essence: you will create magical circles around your enemys and see them easy
Drain Life: you will damage all your nearby enemys over time
Ultimate. [Total Recall] Illusion: you will create an illusion that moves like you
Passive: Cursed Seal: You will steal your enemy's powers for a few seconds



/ability - if you have serpent wards it will plant them
/changerace - Allows you to change your race
/itemsinfo - Shows you a list of items and what they do
/itemsinfo2 - Shows you more items
/level - Shows you what race, level and skills you have
/levitation - Disable/Enable levitation if you are undead
/movespeed - Shows your current movespeed
/playerskills - Shows you what skills other players have chosen
/resetskills - resets your skills
/resetxp - Will reset your level and XP to 0
/selectskill - Allows you to select skills before the start of the next round
/skillsinfo - Shows you what each skill does for the race you have selected
/war3menu - Shows the WAR3FT 5.0 menu

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