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Re: Gravity in Marines?

Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2014 7:28 pm
by [G]ravity
DotA wrote:I've been to pendelton quite a few times. When I was younger, I went there every weekend to check it out, and also to work out. I was planning on joining the military for a very long time, and made friends with the staff sergeant. I've done the obstacle course more times than I can remember. Also did MT. Mother F***** quite a few times. Full gear in 90 degree weather is not fun. But you do learn proper respect for everybody around, and you appreciate things a lot more. Keep up the good work. The Marines will turn you into a man :)
ahaha, my teachers are so strict too, because of them and you guys, is who I am today! even tho im 17 people always tell me that I act mature. Thank you very Much!