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if you were banned and want a reason?

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"_azamat362_" 209 STEAM_0:0:1828937018

Post by HelloIamRobert » Sat Nov 19, 2016 1:43 pm

Name and ID: "_azamat362_" STEAM_0:0:1828937018
Date/Time: 9:35pm GMT
Server: gungame
People on Server: hearthstone
Reason: wallhacks
Notes: hearthstone said that this guy was wallhacking, so i went into spec and saw that he pre fired a lot without a visual. i banned him via sql for 60 minutes.
Demo: https://www.mediafire.com/?06xfzshfmhavpse
***-[.40 cal ]- F@N1 ** kills -[.40 cal ]- Robert * with a headshot from mac10***
-[.40 cal ]- Robert *: persistent much?
***-[.40 cal ]- F@N1 ** kills -[.40 cal ]- Robert * with a headshot from mp5navy***
-[.40 cal ]- Robert * has left the game

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