Some Reasons You Might Have Been Banned For

if you were banned and want a reason?

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Some Reasons You Might Have Been Banned For

Post by Venom » Sat Oct 18, 2008 7:07 pm

These are some of the reasons that you may be kicked or banned from one or all of these servers. This list is subject to change without notice!

Repeatedly setting off the swear filter or finding ways around it!
Excessive use of the mic!
Refusing to comply with an admins request!
Having a much too disrespectful/vulgar name!
Camping with bomb/spawn camping/not completing your objective!
Wearing a 40cal tag when you arent a member!
Racism in ANY form is NOT tolerated!
Spamming doors, boxes, crates or walls without seeing the target first!
HACKING!! (Permanent ban if caught)
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