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Author:  Venom [ Sun Oct 19, 2008 1:48 am ]
Post subject:  What We Are Looking For

Welcome and thank you for your interest in 40cal, the best Counter Strike servers on the Net!

40cal recruits players of character, not skill! To that end we have formed what we feel is one of the cleanest, most positive gaming environments on the Net. Many of you have expressed your interest in joining and have asked what we are looking for in an a 40cal member. Some guidelines:

#1 Passion. Being a strong 40cal admin requires more than just having fun with the game. It takes a certain level of enthusiasm to build the 40cal community into something bigger than just the addition of a member. The application is not a formality to get out of the way, but is really your chance to shine. Make a case for why you deserve consideration. Ask yourself, are you thinking of what 40cal can do for you or are you thinking of what you can do for 40cal?

#2 Dedication. Many people get enthusiastic about joining 40cal, but quickly fade out before we get a chance to really know them, much less accept them into the clan. Some think that putting a few good games together to show that they can play, along with a filled out app, is all they need. If we take you onboard, we want to know that you will actively take part in building 40cal. We want members who are driven to consistently spend time in the servers and take part in the community.

#3 Maturity. Age doesn’t matter at 40cal, but conduct does. You can be 15, you can be 40. Neither age matters if you act like a juvenile. Whether it’s in the forums or in the game, admin conduct is a direct reflection on the rest of the clan. 40cal admins have patience, discipline and present their ideas or actions in a manner which is courteous, rational and justified. Consistency of character is the name of the game here.

#4 Patience. If you are applying, do not expect an immediate answer. We need to see what kind of person you are and that takes time. Moreover, even among 40cal members, the ability to self-discipline is a virtue. Often clan members themselves will have ideas or desire changes, but things can take time. Remember, while 40cal members hold sway in the clan, ultimately one person, sammy the owner, is the final decision maker for all 40cal matters, including an applicant’s admission.

Take these guidelines into account when you consider 40cal application. 40cal admins, especially those who have risen in star ranking, have displayed the aforementioned characteristics and prove it every day. If you have what it takes, have faith in our judgment. Remember to have fun and we’ll see you in the servers!

Please do not private message individual admins regarding your interest. Tell your story here!
Present yourself in a respectful manner
Please don't rush the App. There's only one person who can accept you into the clan, if he is busy please be patient.

other info!
Your CS name and Forum name must be identical.
You must have a working mic.
You must be able to play on VAC-secured servers.
You must have a permanent STEAM ID. No shared or borrowed ID's
Say HI when you're in the servers, post on the forums, get to know people, play lots and have fun!
thank you for your interest in 40cal and good luck!

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